School Aims & Ethos


At Sunnybank School:

  • We aim to provide a safe, welcoming and caring environment for all, in which each member of the school community can feel secure and valued
  • We aim to provide a stimulating environment where active participation in a cull and varied
    curriculum encourages pupils to be independent learners.
  • We aim to provide opportunities that will challenge and motivate each individual to attain their full potential.
  • We aim to raise pupil attainment by the setting of challenging, realistic and achievable targets.
  • We aim, through open communication, to promote a supportive partnership with pupils, parents/carers and the wider community.
  • We aim to encourage in children a respect for self and others and a pride in achievement.
  • We aim to encourage children to care for their 
  • We aim to provide a culture of collective responsibility and mutual support where staff and pupils feel able and confident to take lead roles within and beyond the classroom.



Supported by Aberdeen City Council, Sunnybank School is committed to provide quality learning opportunities for all.  High but attainable standards of work and behaviour are expected and by showing concern for the well-being of the individual, we aim to foster a happy and safe environment.  We value positive attitudes, praise and encouragement.  We seek to maintain a partnership with pupils, parents and the wider community through effective communication.