Absafe Press Release

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Local pupils are set to be first to take part in a new school road safety initiative launched today, Wednesday 13 May 2015.

Absafe, the local safety education charity, will be visiting pupils at Sunnybank Primary School to launch the project which will be rolled out in schools across the city.

The initiative is designed to teach pupils and their parents about the importance of road safety, as well as to encourage them to take responsibility for their own safety in and around the school area.

In partnership with Police Scotland and funded by Aberdeen City Council, Absafe will deliver a series of presentations to primary schools throughout the city. The presentations will focus on each school’s main safety problems, including parking and speeding. They will be followed up with regular visits from City Wardens and the police to ensure good road safety is being undertaken.

Emma Bellu, Chief Executive of Absafe, said: “We’re looking forward to launching the school road safety initiative with the pupils at Sunnybank Primary School. With road safety remaining a major problem across the north east of Scotland, we have been working with Police Scotland and Aberdeen City Council to develop this new initiative as a way to engage and raise awareness of road safety with school pupils and their families.” 

Angela Taylor, Education and Children’s Services Convener at Aberdeen City Council, said: “Pupil safety is a top priority for Aberdeen City Council, and through this initiative, we hope to raise awareness of some of the potential problems around our schools and encourage pupils to take more responsibility for their own safety. We look forward to rolling out the programme across all schools in the city.” 

Eleanor Dickson, acting head teacher at Sunnybank Primary, said: “Keeping our precious Sunnybank children safe is something we work hard at every day. Absafe deliver this vital message to the pupils effectively and engagingly.”

Along with the new initiative, Absafe runs safety training sessions for people of all ages at its new interactive safety education centre, The Safe.

To learn more about Absafe, sponsoring and volunteering opportunities, please visit www.absafe.org.uk.