Our Place in the World!

Primary 2a have been learning all about our place in our world. We have learned about what a city looks like and know that we live in Aberdeen! We thereafter learned about our country and continent. We have looked at globes and maps…. It can all be quite mind-boggling at times!

Here are some photos of the group working activity we did. It was quite tricky but together we managed to make three HUGE maps! Wow-eeee!

P2a term 4 009 P2a term 4 006 P2a term 4 008 P2a term 4 005 P2a term 4 003 P2a term 4 002 P2a term 4 001P2a term 4 018P2a term 4 024

P2a term 4 019

We are going to learn about space now……watch this space! (Excuse the pun!)