Guidance on Pupil Reporting and Curriculum Levels – 2017

The Scottish Government has asked all schools in Scotland to report on pupil progress differently this year. The change in reporting arrangements will help to develop a more consistent approach across Scotland and will allow the government to collect and publish data with greater ease. These changes will mean that pupil progress reports will now contain slightly different information.

What is the purpose of reporting?

Reports will provide you with clear information about your child’s progress so that you know how well they are learning and how you might help. The report will also provide information about your child’s strengths and next steps for learning.

Reporting can take many forms and the written report is one of these. Other reporting may include learning logs, parents’ evenings and curricular events.

In order to complete the written report, schools use a variety of assessment information to determine how a learner is progressing.

How will the report be different?

Previously, the terms developing, consolidating and secure were used to indicate a child’s progress through a Curriculum for Excellence level. From this session, schools have been asked to record and report the most recent level achieved by each pupil. At first glance, it may appear that your child has not progressed since their previous written report. However, children will take several years to move from one level to the next and progress will be described in the report.


For more information, please download  Parent's Guide to Curriculum Levels 2017 (207 downloads)