Exciting events in Ancient Egpyt

As P3B come to the end of our Ancient Egyptian topic, we have had lots of exciting opportunities to celebrate what we have learnt.

Last week, we had an extremely interesting trip to the Sir Duncan Rice Library, where we saw Ancient Egyptian artefacts and learnt all about an archaeologist called George.

Then on Wednesday the 29th of March we created our own Egyptian Museum in the classroom. Each group of pupils planned an activity for all of the different things we have learned about Ancient Egypt.

– The Pharoah team recreated an Egyptian feast and prepared food that only the Pharoahs were able to eat.

– The River Nile team made mini niles using water, sand, baking tins and grass cuttings.

– The heiroglyphics team designed a very professional PowerPoint and created heiroglyphics using Lego and play dough.

– The pyramid team had a Build the Tallest pyramid challenge using plastic cups.

– The mummy team gathered kitchen rolls and strips of material and wrapped people up as mummies.

After designing our activities we opened up our Museum to other classes in the school so that we could share all the fun and knowledge we now have!