Primary 6 Newsletter

P6 Newsletter- Term 1


Our topic for this term is ‘Natural Disasters’. This will involve the children engaging in all areas of the Curriculum for Excellence with an emphasis on Social Studies and Science. The children will learn about a range of Natural Disasters including volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. They will explore how they occur and the impact they have had on society. The children will engage in comprehension tasks which focus on specific Natural Disasters such as the Mount Vesuvius eruption and Hurricane Katrina. They will conduct science experiments which recreates some of the effects of the Natural Disasters. They will investigate how to stay safe if any of the Natural Disasters were to occur close by.


This term the children will have P.E on Monday with Mr Mcpherson and on a Thursday with Mrs Whyte. Please ensure your child brings a gym kit and indoor shoes so they are able to participate in the lesson. They will also have Mr Mcpherson for Health and Wellbeing on a Tuesday.


Homework will be given out on a Monday and then collected in on a Friday. Homework will mostly consist of spelling activities, reading and maths. I will be introducing an optional activities homework grid which will focus on our class topic, giving the children the opportunity to extend their learning.

Class Dojo

This year in Primary 6 we will be using class Dojo as a way of recording good behaviour in class. They can earn these points by following the class rules of respect, responsibility and achievement. A reward will be given out at the end of each week to the child who earned the most dojo points. A Math Magician and Star Writer award will also be given out on a Friday to acknowledge someone who has put special effort and challenge into their numeracy and literacy work.


We have a fantastic year ahead of us! Stay tuned for more!

Miss Hutton