Poetry in P5B

At the start of the term P5B explored Poetry for our writing lessons. We wrote poems about Halloween, Bonfire Night, Autumn as well as writing Haiku’s.

Here are some of our favourite Halloween poems by Logan, Freya and Charlie – Jean.

Witch, Witch

Witch, witch, where do you fly?
Up higher and higher in the sky.

Witch, witch, what do you eat?
A horrible disgusting type if meat.

Witch, witch, what do you drink?
An ugly thing that makes you shrink.

Witch, witch, where do you sleep?
In a cave on top of a neep.

Witch, witch, what do you wear?
A really, really stinky pair of underwear.

Witch, witch, what do you do?
Do you always ask Shrek to play with you?

By Logan P5B


Witch, Witch

Witch, witch, what do you wear?
Spider web dresses and worms in my hair.

Witch, witch, what do you do?
Eat my soup and try to scare you!

By Charlie – Jean P5B

The Sunnybank Witch

Have you heard of the Sunnybank witch?
You’ll find her creeping on the football pitch.
She’s hungry, hairy and awful fat.
Her pet is a big, boisterous, black cat.

She flies through all the windows,
And locks all the doors.
She breaks all of the pencils,
And messes up the floors.

She steals all the candy,
And eats it for herself.
Stores them in a cookie jar
On a big wooden shelf.
Her favourite potion is mulberry brew,

She’ll invite you over and make it for you.
The bats are friends with her big, black cat.
They often sleep in her big, black hat.

Throw in a piece of newt, a little bit of soot.
And in a leg of frog, freshly from the bog.
Mix it up with a big wooden spoon,
The bubbles will float like a big balloon.

Put it in a bottle, put the label on now.
Label it your poem and give it to a cow.
It should out the poem fluently,
Like you just read this and now you can see.

The witch taught you a lesson like she did to me.
Happy Halloween everybody!

By Freya Foy P5B