P4/5 take on The Apprentice!

In P4/5 we have been reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. In true Willy Wonka style, we were challenged to research, design, create, advertise and produce a new chocolate bar by completing Apprentice style tasks each day for a week. Working in our co-operative teams, we used our Maths skills to complete flavour surveys with other classes. We then used more Maths to help us write a shopping list for our bar, remembering to look for best value ingredients and sometimes having to double or triple the amount so we had enough for our research panel to taste! We then used our Writing and Art skills to create the advert for our bar. The best bit though, was when we got to make the chocolate in the kitchen – we had to be careful we didn’t burn it! It was fun, but the hardest part was waiting a whole day until our bar was set, ready for the tasting panel. Our feedback was really good. Most people liked all our chocolate bars. Also unlike the TV programme, none of us were fired – yippee!