World Book Day

In P5B we have been enjoying the stories of David Walliams. So far we have explored Mr Stink, Grandpa’s Great Escape, Gangsta Granny and Billionaire Boy.

For World Book Day we decided to celebrate David Walliams and his books by creating a piece of writing related to one of the stories we love.

Here is a sample of our work…

My Billionaire House

If I became a billionaire my house would be a really big mansion! It would have a cinema room, an arcade room and a huge diving board! it would have a helicopter, a limo, a banana car and a Lamborghini! The mansion itself is on the edge of New York City.  It would have statues of me outside!

Inside there is a massive hallway with statues of Mr Krabs. There is a room for playing Xbox One X only! there are bedrooms for all my family and friends! There are lots musical instruments for me and my family to practice. In every bedroom there is a drawer full of money!

There is a huge living room with a huge TV! We have a football pitch, a golf course and we have a forest! It has dollar signs on the roof! There is a room for making slime! And we have a massive kitchen! this is what my house would be like if I was rich.

By David 

Escape From School 

I had  to go a  new school. Mum said the math in my old school was too easy it wasn’t my fault that I was on C1.  The school was a very mysterious school. The name of this school was Fear Fingers. The teachers and the students were very mysterious. After all that I realised that everyone was a robot. I was  the only normal person because the dinner lady gave me metal instead of roast beef . Last I had to escape. I needed a trampoline, a water bottle, some metal and a pillow. At Monday the 18th of February I ran away. All the teachers in the school we’re chasing me. I put my trampoline down. I threw my pillow and I jumped on the trampoline and I landed on the pillow. Yeah!!!!! When I got home from Fear Fingers my mum was mad at me because I was supposed to be a teacher. The Fear Fingers robots were chasing me because they were asking me what to do. Finally me and the robots became very good friends and they helped me pass video games and I helped them to be very smart.

By Michal 


Dear Joe spud

I am writing to you because well,  you have money and my family lives in poverty so I need your help as a result my mum can’t afford gluten-free food.

That is one reason and this is the second reason; my granny Avril it’s her birthday soon and she has heart problems so I want to treat her to a nice and hot holiday. I have no money neither does my mum’s boyfriend because he doesn’t get much money for plumbing. I need it for my granny as well because all she . has stupid sandals and some shirts. If you give me money for this reason I will not have to ask for any more money because I hope to start making some money on a YouTube channel. I hope that Youtube  makes lots of money and I get rich and have good fast cars and a massive mansion.

Your money would be a  humongous help towards my family and friends.  Please send the money on 14th of march maybe with a parade.

From Caitlin