Learning About Dementia

In P5B we have been participating in a project run by Aberdeen University and an Australian university in Woolangong, Australia.

The project has been all about Dementia and what children understand about Dementia and how we can learn about it.

At the start we had to complete a questionnaire to see what we already knew about Dementai. Then we had to draw a picture of a memory we had using oil pastels and chalk.

For or our second session we learned all about Dementia, including which parts of the brain are responsible for different skills and how we can help people with Dementia.

In our third and final session we had to use what we had learned about how dementia effects people’s memories to alter our drawings to show how memories change. Then we completed another survey to measure how much we had learned and whether our opinions on dementia had changed. Here are some pictures of our work 🙂