Morning Nursery trip to Aden Country Park

We had a great day at Aden Country Park today. We started with a quick snack, then headed off to explore. One group went to play in the Fairy Woods. They left some special rocks that they had decorated for other boys and girls to find. There were lots of fairy houses to play with. What an enchanting place. Another group went of on a walk through the forest and found some amazing trees. One was so big that they managed to fit the whole class around it.  They crossed a bridge and threw some sticks into the water then spotted them on the other side. They found a really large tree that had fallen down that was perfect for climbing. Time for lunch and a much needed rest before heading out to the play park. Another group went to the duck pond then visited the Mansion House. There was so much to see and do. What a great day we all had. There were lots of tired children (and adults) on the bus back to nursery!