Poetry in P6/7

In P6/7 we have been exploring Poetry in our writing and literacy lessons.

We have been learning about the different features of poems and how to use these to create our own poems.

Have a look at 3 of our favorite pieces!

By Kayden  

Firework Pops
Glitter Drops

Fascinating Displays
Music Plays

Loud Booming
Light zooming

Sparklers Bright
Rocket Light

Drinks Fizzing
Firework Whizzing


Poppy, Poppy 
By Bartosz 

Poppy, Poppy, what do you see?
A battlefield of soldiers as still as can be.

Poppy, Poppy, what do you hear?
I hear gunshots and crying tears.

Poppy, Poppy, what do you feel?
Feeling petrified, the terror is real.

Poppy, Poppy, what do you remember?
Two minutes of silence in November.

Winter Haiku 
By Zuzanna 

Plain white snow falling,
watching and exploring new.
Winter here comes you!