Language Support Provision – planting seeds

The children in Room 28 are learning about how things change. We had fun planting seeds and now are watching how the seeds are changing as the roots and the shoots start to grow. Some of our plants have changed – they are getting taller, are growing more leaves and some even have flowers.

We are learning to care for our plants.

We are learning that plants are living and we need to make sure they have air, light and water.

We are enjoying watching our caterpillars.

Our tub of 5 caterpillars

Every morning we have a good look at our caterpillars to see what is happening. They change every day. They are getting longer, fatter, hungrier, faster moving and fluffy. We are waiting for them to wrap themselves in a silk blanket called a chrysalis.

We are excited about the changes that are happening and can’t wait for them to change into butterflies.