Growing Things in Primary 2c

We have been so lucky to get to work with Bob from One Seed Forward and have recently been outside every Wednesday in the front garden planting. So far we have planted onions, carrots, purple peas and tom thumbs (nasturtiums). We look forward to seeing how these develop – look out for more photos to come!

Our interest in growing things initially came from growing in the classroom. We were lucky to receive a growing kit from Royal Northern Countryside Initiative (who visited us with the farm in term 3) and began to grow lettuce, chives and parsley on our windowsill. Today it was time to replant our lettuce as they need a bigger space to grow!

The children learn so much from being responsible for the lives of these fragile plants and it is fantastic how much they have grown so far. It has given lots of opportunity to use maths vocabulary in a different setting and we have written instructions on how to grow plants reflecting our understanding of what plants need in order to grow.

Our aim is to harvest our produce and taste it. Today we had a little taste of the lettuce and it was delicious!