Journeys in P2H

We have been celebrating Share a Story month throughout May, the theme this year was journeys. We have explored many fantastic stories involving journeys and some pupils even brought in their favourite story book from home to share with the class. To enjoy the stories fully we have incorporated technology, writing, art, drama and music into our lessons.

One of the books we enjoyed was Journey by Aaron Becker, a story book with no writing. This gave the pupils the opportunity to become authors and add their own text. We worked together in pairs and groups in order to create our own version of the story.

We used Adobe Spark inĀ  order to create this video, we hope you enjoy it!

We used watercolours to paint in the same style as the author. We imagined we had our very own magic red crayon and drew a picture of where we would like to open a door into. We had great ideas such as an island, space, the North Pole, “silly” and “sweetie land”.