P2H Planting with Bob

P2H have been having a wonderful time learning about plants and the growth journey they go on. We have been lucky enough to work with Bob from One Seed Forward a community growing  initiative in Aberdeen city, encouraging people to grow and taste their own fruit and vegetables.














We have planted a variety of vegetables and flowers such as: carrots, onions, nasturtiums, spinach, chives, parsnip, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and marigolds. We are all very excited to see how they grow and taste some of them at the end of term!










We have learned how important weeding and watering the plants are to their growth so the pupils will be looking after them on Wednesday mornings with Bob. It is great to see them taking on the responsibility and care.





One pupil even found a worm! Some of the children thought it was “cute”. We have noticed other animals around and were very excited to see a ladybird.






Some of the boys and girls loved getting their hands dirty in the mud, whereas others were less keen!