Primary 4 Mary Queen of Scots Assembly 2019

Here are some pictures from our Assembly.

Our topic was Mary Queen of Scots. We made portraits of her during art.

We learned about Mary’s life and made a human timeline with the most important events in her life.

We learned about how the houses and the castles were when Mary was alive and made a poster to share what we know. We also made a poster about what people were wearing during that period and a poster about what people were eating.

We had fun acting out a drama scene accompanied by soft guitar music which was written by one of our classmates!

We wrote what we think the articles on the newspapers would look like the day that Mary was executed. We also wrote what we think was in Mary’s last diary page.

We had fun!!

Here are our portraits!

This is our timeline! And the rest of it! Our houses/ castles posters! Our food posters!

Our clothes posters! Scenes of our drama act! And some more!