Christmas Picnic in Room 28

Today we had a special Christmas picnic in our class. It was very exciting!

We have been learning about graphs and collecting information. Last week, we decided which kind of sandwich we would like to eat at the picnic. We put the information into a graph and shared it with the kitchen staff. We were using the mathematical skills we had learned in a real life context. Our teachers put in an order too!

6 people wanted ham sandwiches, 8 people wanted tuna and 4 people wanted cheese. That meant 18 sandwiches altogether! The sandwich people wanted the most was tuna and the least was cheese. We used lots of tricky vocabulary to talk about the graph we made.

We also got to eat lots of tasty treats, we had to choose what we wanted and remember to say please and thank you. We also listened to some Christmas music.

Happy Christmas Everyone!