SHANARRI in Room 28

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We have been learning all about SHANARRI in Room 28. SHANARRI stands for Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included. We have learned about this through different stories like ‘The Wonky Donkey’, ‘How to catch a star’, ‘Almost Anything’, ‘The Dot’ and ‘Little by Little’. We have really enjoyed learning about SHANARRI by reading the stories and completing different activities. We particularly like to share our understanding of the stories through drama which we do every Friday.

When we read each story we had to follow Learning Intentions to know where we are going with our learning and Success Criteria to know how to get there. We now have a learning journey skate park in our classroom and use encouraging language to help us learn. We must remember to have a go, keep on trying, not give up and ask for help if we need it. We can help ourselves by thinking first, then a friend and then a teacher. It is all about taking small steps to get to the end of our learning journey.

Here are some pictures of when we read ‘Almost Anything’. It is about a rabbit who thinks he can’t do anything so he doesn’t. Bear makes him a magic hat and tells him to try. Rabbit keeps on trying and doesn’t give up. We made magic hats to help us with our learning but like rabbit we soon found out our magic was inside us.