Room 1 Round Up

Primary 1Ri Room 1 have been very busy over the past few weeks.

We have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and we spent some time looking for them inside and outside the classroom.  We were also learning about making tally marks to count things and we have been using this to count things such as lunches, shapes outside and favourite stories.

At the end of January, we were exploring how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We tried eating noodles with chopsticks. Some of us found this really easy. To Celebrate Burn’s Day, we tasted traditional haggis (vegetarian), neeps and tatties. There were lots of thumbs up for this.

We have been continuing with our RADS sessions and some of the class are getting really good with their football control skills.  We have been showing great teamwork in lots of different ways. In the class, the children like to build with the loose parts and it is always nice to see what can be created. Outside, one child showed us how to make a hopscotch game and a few friends joined in.

Our theme this term has been ‘Then and Now’. We have looked at photographs of when we were little and looked at how we have changed. We have talked about things we played with as babies and things we like to play with now. We also tried playing some games outside that the grown ups in our room used to play as children. We especially liked “What’s the Time Mr Wolf”.