What has been happening in Nursery this term?

All of the windy weather had uprooted a tree in our nursery garden. Yesterday our morning children were able to look out of their window and see the tree being chopped down and the trunk being cut into stumps for us to keep and play with.

Nursery 1 have been talking about growing plants. Here are some photos of us looking for flowers in the front garden. Have you seen any flowers on the way to school, nursery or work today?

Nursery 1 have been building with loose parts. Some of these get very tall and can take team work, patience and a steady hand to create.

Nursery 2 have been speaking about people who care for us and families. Last week we had a visit from Stacey and her new baby who stayed asleep for most of the cuddles. Enjoy your maternity leave Stacey, we hope to see you all again soon!