P4M – 😷Face Mask Task😷

Primary 4M were set the task of designing their own face masks. They used a range of media to complete the task and some of them went further and turned their designs into real face masks that they can wear!

Well done to all of the families involved. #believeachievesucceed

I chose my finished design because of covid 19 and the mask is reducing the virus.
I chose this design because it supports the NHS and our Key Workers.
Rainbows were very popular!
Some of us designed masks that were more personal to us. This one is a Semar Mask.
This design was made by one of our pupils and is a fully working mask!
Some of us decorated disposable masks.
Some of us drew our favourite characters on our masks.
We drew our favourite things in bright colours to create bright and attractive designs.
Lots of us wanted to show our continued support for the NHS. We drew our rainbows in bright coloured pens.
We created rainbows in pastel shades using coloured pencils too.
Some of us personalised our rainbows by adding pictures too.
Sometimes the grown ups joined in too!Well done to all of the families involved. #believeachievesucceed