Maths Week in Room 28

We have been learning all about the language of measure this term. It has been a brilliant topic as we have been able to develop a skill set of vocabulary that we can use to describe different things. We have found that this mathematical language very often and helps us convey our understanding about objects.

For Maths Week, we made our own scales using two of the same pots and a hanger. We then spent time weighing items of our choice from the classroom. We worked in pairs and had to predict which item we thought was going to be heavier and lighter. We learned that when the scale goes down it means that the item is heavier and when the scales go up the item is lighter.

As you can see we had a fantastic time consolidating the language of measure this week and using it to describe the weight of objects using our homemade scales. You could make your own scales at home and have some fun! Remember before you weigh, you need to predict what you think will happen. Maths is lots of fun 🙂