We are learning about things that grow in Room 28

Our topic this term is ‘Things that Grow’ and we have been learning the skills to become a good gardener. We have learned about all the things that plants need to grow – sun, water, soil and air. Plants sometimes need help from us to stay nice and tall like our sunflowers. Take a look!

We have also been growing vegetables – broad beans and carrots – and are going to taste and eat them when they are fully grown!

Today we spoke about the importance of bees for pollination and to help other things grow. We decided to plant seed bombs with lots of flowers that the bees and butterflies will like in our front garden. Here we are preparing the soil, getting rid of weeds, raking and planting. We also made some worm friends along the way.

Here is our classroom display which incorporates all our topic learning over the last few weeks!