Sunnybank School is a Rights Respecting School!

Sunnybank School is committed to ensuring that all children and young people get the best start in life and are safe from harm. In order to achieve this Sunnybank School has systems and processes to identify and address any potential risks to pupil wellbeing.  Sunnybank School places great importance on empowering children and young people to understand their rights and know how to keep themselves safe by making informed decisions and confidently taking action.  Sunnybank Safeguarding Policy 2019

Our Children have been learning about their Rights. Each class have created a class charter to demonstrate their understanding of their rights and to make sure that their peers rights are also respected in the classroom. Everybody has rights!

Adults need to make sure that children’s rights are respected and taken into consideration. Peers need to respect each other’s rights.

We have a right to an identity. We have a right to play. We have a right to learn. We have a right to be healthy. We have a right to be safe. We have a right to be listened to.

Have a look at all of our Charters, they A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Can you show your family the Charter you contributed to making? Tell them about what you use it for and what it means to you.

P7H’s Charter includes SHANARRI, Rights and Vision, Values and Aims!!!