Living in a Room 28 Material World

This term our topic is ‘Living in a Material World’. We have been learning about different materials and their properties. We have a little bear who we look after in Room 28. He needed help to build a house and furniture. 

On week 1, we learned all about wood, where it comes from and what we can use it for. We found out that wood was very useful for making things like furniture and paper but it was not a useful material to build a house with as it can get wet and rot or easily go on fire. We also learned that it was important to reuse or recycle furniture and paper as it was better for our world. We used wood to make furniture for Bear who was sick of sitting and sleeping on the floor. We had some really great ideas about how to make the chair and bed strong by doubling layers of wood and overlapping it. 

On week 2, we learned about other natural materials. We read the story ‘The Scarecrow’s wedding’ by Julia Donaldson and found out a lot about natural materials, their uses and where we get them from. We found out that the scarecrows were made of hay which was dried up grass. Hay is also useful for feeding farm animals in the winter. We also talked about natural materials or products like honey, milk, shells and feathers. We talked about where we get wool from and noticed that some of our teachers were wearing wool jumpers. Bear was getting cold at night, so we decided it would be a good idea to get him a wool blanket keep him cosy. He was a cheeky bear and went to find some wool blankets himself one evening!

This week we have been learning all about plastics. We read the book ‘Clem and Crab’ by Fiona Lumbers. Clem loves to go to the beach but she finds a crab caught in a plastic bag. This makes her very sad and she wants to make a difference. She teaches her classmates about protecting our world and recycling. Plastic can be useful for us, there is a lot of plastic in our classroom, but we must reuse or recycle it to make our world a better place. We decided it would be useful for Bear to have a plastic table to eat at and a plastic plate and cutlery as it wouldn’t matter if he made a mess, it was easy to clean up and reuse.

As part of our topic this week, we have been using hammers, pliers and small saws. We have learned that to make things like houses you require to use tools. We have hammered golf tees, nails, screws and pins into lots of different things – have a look at our photos and the fun we have had! We have learned that it is easier to cut things like cardboard rather than wood and bigger areas are easier to nail into. Lots of investigation work has been happening, it has been fantastic! We have also learned how to use these tools safely which is very important.

We are thoroughly enjoying our topic this term and in the end we hope to be able to learn plenty about different materials to make Bear a special home to live in. It will have to be water tight and warm and cosy for him to be ready to hibernate for winter. We will share our journey with you later in the term.

Well done to our class who continue to be cooperative, communicative, reflective, creative and imaginative learners. You are superstars!