Safer Internet Day in Room 28

Today is Safer Internet Day! The whole school has been learning about what it means to be safe online. 

We need to follow these simple rules at home and school to keep safe online: 

1. Play games that are age appropriate as older children and adults can say things that we shouldn’t see or hear. 

2. If we are playing a game, don’t click on things unless you check with an adult. It may cost your parents money.

3.If we use a password, don’t share it with anyone. It should be hard to remember so no-one can guess it. 

4. Don’t speak to strangers or people we don’t know. If someone talks to you, say nothing and tell an adult. 

5. Never share personal information on the computer.

6. You should always check with an adult before you do anything on a computer or smart device.

We listened to a Digi-Duck story where he didn’t make very safe choices.

We spoke about the type of devices we had at home and favourite games we play. We reflected on our safe or not so choices. We thought about the rules and how we could be safer online. It was great to hear so many children in our class understood how to be safe online.