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Kids Out 2016

Room 28 enjoyed a fantastic day out thanks to the Rotary Club of Great Britain. Kids Out is an annual event organised by the rotary clubs throughout the country to…

Shared reading with the older boys and girls.

The primary 6 children came through to Room 28 and read some exciting picture books to the children. The older boys and girls were very good at asking appropriate questions…

Room 28 perform for the parents

  All the children in Room 28 were dressed as different spring flowers. Can you guess what they are?

Outdoor learning

During our estimating and measure task we took the children outside to measure the play equipment. It was extremely cold but the children had fun.

Fun with Bee-Bots

Room 28 have been learning to estimate and measure. When doing this the children record their guess and then see how this compares to the real outcome. To make this learning…

Expressive Arts

We have been learning about different artists. This week we looked at pictures by an American artist called Georgia O’Keefe. She liked to paint pictures of flowers using hot and…

Reading together

This term we have been learning to share books with each other. When we go to the reading corner we can choose to read by ourselves or read to each…

Having fun with the big pen board

The children enjoyed playing on the class pen board. They created their own pictures are were very proud of the finished results.

St Andrews day dancing

Room 28 created their own Scottish dance for the St Andrews day assembly on Wednesday. We used music by the Peatbog Fairies and the children all participated well and had…

Fun with shape

Room 28 have been exploring the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We have built models, created pictures, played games and gone on a shape walk.