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Autumn in Nursery

  Nursery 3 AM class and PM class had a lovely Autumn walk to the university today. They collected Autumn items for the nursery classroom.

European Day of Languages

As Wednesday 26th September is European day of Languages we invite children and staff to wear clothes from their culture so we can share and celebrate our diversity

Thank You Asda

  Thank you to Asda at the Beach for nominating our school to receive a very generous donation.  

Nursery 3 went on a shape hunt!

Nursery 3PM went on a shape hunt around the school. They even met the lollipop man who helped them across the road.

Parent Voice AGM

The Parent Voice invite you along to their AGM meeting on Friday 7th September at 9.15am. As well as meeting other parents, it is also an opportunity to visit our…

Afternoon Nursery trip to Aden Park

The afternoon nursery children were all very excited to be going on their trip to Aden Park. When we got there, we had a quick snack then headed off in…

Morning Nursery trip to Aden Country Park

We had a great day at Aden Country Park today. We started with a quick snack, then headed off to explore. One group went to play in the Fairy Woods….

Outdoor Play on the Longest Day

Today, the boys and girls from the nursery braved a very windy day to go outside for our monthly ‘Stay and Play’ family sessions. The wind provided the extra power…

Outdoor Stay and Play

The Nurseries hosted two ‘Stay and Play’ sessions today. We were delighted to see so many family members come along and join in with all the fun. We had the…

A visit to the Aberdeen Science Centre

The nurseries went to visit the Aberdeen Science Centre. We had to take a bus to get there and the children were very excited by this. When we got there,…