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Autumn in Nursery

  Nursery 3 AM class and PM class had a lovely Autumn walk to the university today. They collected Autumn items for the nursery classroom.

Primary 1RU session with Russell Anderson Development School

Primary 1 Ru had fun in their session with Russell Anderson Development School coaches this week. They were working on their listening skills and on speed running. Thank you to…

European Day of Languages

As Wednesday 26th September is European day of Languages we invite children and staff to wear clothes from their culture so we can share and celebrate our diversity

Thank You Asda

  Thank you to Asda at the Beach for nominating our school to receive a very generous donation.  

P3/4 Morning Stations

We start our day in P3/4 with some fun learning tasks which help get our brain warmed up and ready to learn. We work around Maths, Literacy, French, STEM and…

Maths Week- Primary 5/6

P5/6 have really enjoyed Maths week. We have been focusing on ‘Maths is Fun!’ We have learnt different board games that involve different maths skills. Our challenge was to create…

Primary 7 – The Tempest

Primary 7 pupils are looking forward to taking part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival in November. They will be performing their version of The Tempest at Aberdeen Arts Centre. So…

Maths Week Primary 7

The pupils in Primary 7 have spent Maths Week learning about different types of numbers – Roman Numerals, Square Numbers, Factors, etc. They even found some funny Binary Number jokes!…

Nursery 3 went on a shape hunt!

Nursery 3PM went on a shape hunt around the school. They even met the lollipop man who helped them across the road.