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Our mathematics programme, as with other areas of the curriculum, is strongly influenced both by Local and National guidelines.

Activities from a range of commercially produced materials, practical activities and ICT are just some of the approaches used to enrich the depth and breadth of presentation of any given maths topic, as well as the teachers’ own resources. 

All pupils will be given the opportunity to meet mathematics in a variety of contexts – real life and everyday problems, imaginary or stimulated contexts and problems and investigations where the structure of mathematics itself provides the setting.

The three main features of our mathematics programme are:

·     information handling

·     number, money and measurement  

·     shape, position and movement

Mathematics teaches our pupils to:

  • develop a secure understanding of the concepts, principles and processes of mathematics and apply these in different contexts, including the world of work
  • engage with more abstract mathematical concepts and develop important new kinds of thinking
  • understand the application of mathematics, its impact on our society past and present, and its potential for the future
  • develop essential numeracy skills which will allow me to participate fully in society
  • establish firm foundations for further specialist learning
  • understand that successful independent living requires financial awareness, effective money management, using schedules and other related skills
  • interpret numerical information appropriately and use it to draw conclusions, assess risk, and make reasoned evaluations and informed decisions
  • apply skills and understanding creatively and logically to solve problems, within a variety of contexts
  • appreciate how the imaginative and effective use of technologies can enhance the development of skills and concepts.


We have  a range of resources available to staff and they select the best one to support the class in a particular area of maths.   Heinemann Active Maths is used in  classes with various other games and resources being available to support staff.

In order to develop the children’s mental maths and number agility, we make use of the Big Maths scheme to ensure consistency and progression throughout the school.

We regularly use Mangahigh in school and for homework, as playing the games allows the children to learn in a fun, engaging and teacher supported environment.