School Vision and Aims


Children have the right to be educated, and discipline in schools should respect children’s human dignity. (Article 28, UNCRC)

Our Vision

Sunnybank is a happy, vibrant, safe place; one in which we work together as a team, to ensure the highest quality learning takes place and where success is celebrated.

Our Values




Our Aims

At Sunnybank we work together to:

Keep ourselves and others SAFE from harm (Article 19)

Ensure our minds and bodies are HEALTHY (Article 24)

Work hard to ACHIEVE our dreams (Articles 28 & 29)

Take care of and NURTURE each other (Articles 3 & 6)

Try out lots of activities and keep ourselves ACTIVE (Article 31)

Make sure our voices are heard and our opinions are RESPECTED (Article 12)

Give everyone the opportunity to be RESPONSIBLE for our school and our community (Article 29)

Make sure everyone feels welcome and INCLUDED at Sunnybank School (Article 2 & 23)