The Sunshine Room

The Sunshine Room is a pleasant environment in which some children work in a small group for parts of the week. It provides a safe, predictable and structured environment which helps children to be more focused on their learning.

Staff model positive relationships and there is an emphasis on the development of language and communication skills.

Children make best progress when parents, staff and children all work together.

The regular routines include practical activities such as preparing snack, baking and gardening.  The children will take part in outdoor activities.

They are supported to engage in co-operative play. An important part of the session will be snack time, where the children are encouraged to take turns and listen to each other.

 In the Sunshine Room, we would like children to:

  • Enjoy new experiences
    with adults and children.
  • Make relationships and
    feel positive about themselves.
  • Learn to share,negotiate and take turns
    with each other.
  • Be able to accept praise and be
    supportive ofeach other.
  • Learn new skills
    through play experiences.
  • Feel safe, happy,
    secure and confident.