P3/4 Explore…Magnets

We have been learning about different aspects of Science this term. We started out exploring the movement of the sun, moon and earth. In Engineering week we learned how to…

Poetry in P6/7

In P6/7 we have been exploring Poetry in our writing and literacy lessons. We have been learning about the different features of poems and how to use these to create…

Anti-Bullying Week in P6

During Anti-Bullying Week we learned how upsetting bullying can be. ¬†We thought about how we can help people feel safe, how we can help to stop bullying and ensure that…

Engineering Week Primary 1Ri

During ‘Engineer ‘N’ Our Lives’ week, the children were involved in a variety of activities that explored the different jobs that engineers did. We were helping to grow crops just…

Engineering Week Primary 7

The pupils in Primary 7 enjoyed taking part in a range of science and technology challenges as part of Engineering Week. They learned about fractional distillation in the chemical engineering…

Engineering Week in primary 1Ru

  Primary 1 were engineers for a week. Look at the fantastic work they did!

Engineering Week in Primary 3

Primary 3 had a fantastic time during Engineering Week. Lots of working together and discussion. Have a look at our photographs!      

Primary 2H Engineering Week

Primary 2H had a fantastic time during Engineering Week. Have a look at our photographs!

Nursery Lending Library

  We have started up a Nursery Lending Library on a Tuesday. All children will have the opportunity to select a book to take home and enjoy for the week….

P2C in a Victorian Classroom…..

  Our topic this term is about ‘Then and Now’ and so far we have covered Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Day. Today we began to learn about school life in…