Supporting Your Child

In order to best support children with home and school learning, it can be useful for parents and carers to be aware of how things are taught in school.  The following information sheets will provide brief overviews of a variety of curricular areas, as well as guidance on how to reinforce strategies that the children will be familiar with.

Please feel free to download and use these documents:

Reading - Early Level (770 downloads)
Reading - First Level (641 downloads)
Reading - Second Level (560 downloads)
Assessment for Parents (833 downloads)
Supporting Your Child at Home - Nursery (502 downloads)
Weekly Letter Sounds (449 downloads)





Other Useful Resources



Science and Technology


Internet and Online Safety

Everyone has a responsiblity for Online safety whether using a mobile phone, tablet, computer or even an internet cafe. This page provides links to some of the resources available to parents.

Please remember that the minimum age requirement to be eligible to sign up for social media sites is 13+