Primary 1 2021

We are looking forward to your child joining us for Primary One in August. Planning for this is very different this year and I wanted to reassure you that we will be sharing as much information with you as we can to help you and your child prepare for this big move.

Please have a look through this PowerPoint. This is information that would ususally be shared with you at an Induction meeting. Powerpoint-for-Parents-for-website. (65 downloads)

All information will be sent out to you by email so please make sure we have the correct email address for you!

Mrs Kidd

Depute Head Teacher

How can I help my child prepare for school?

Have a look through this PowerPoint for ideas for helping your child prepare for the move to Primary 1.

How-can-I-help-my-child-be-prepared-for-school-1.pdf (43 downloads)

Ideas for sharing books with your child

Why encourage play opportunities

Primary 1 Information Booklet for Parents

Coming soon!